Painting by Michael Montcombroux

The Road to Liberation Collection is available on and other outlets. A wonderful collection of six novels. 
With the 75th anniversary of D-Day, and less than a year to the 75th anniversary of the end of war, I have posted the award winning poem I wrote in 1954, with a translation by Michael Montcombroux.
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The Inuit Dog of the Polar North
Northern Lights and Sled Dogs
A Dog Named Tezzero
The Magic of Music
Pizza for Two (Formerly Remake)
Young People's books. Out of print - to be available soon
Quebec, where teh river narrows
Héritage, june gadsby
Out of print -
to be available soon

Books by Other Authors

The Cannington Episode, Michael Montcombrox
Rose of Anzio, Moonlight
No Substitute for Murder
road to lib cover.jpg
The Darkest Hour, Anthology
Auschwitz syndrome cover.jpg
Maion Kummerow, Unreleting


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