Geneviève has been involved in writing from a very early age. Bilingual, she writes, or translates, in both French and English. She has a number of fiction novels published and non-fiction books.

Her particular area of interest is WWII. As a child, she has lived in occupied Paris, France, and will attempt to convey the atmosphere of the time in her series All The Silences. This work is not a romance, and it is not about the exploits of some fictitious heroine and hero during WWII in France. It is about what life was like for the everyday people, particularly women, what they did because they wanted to do something, yet not knowing what, and how they were drawn into actions they had never planned on, never thought they were capable of.

She is passionate about the Qimmituinaq, the Inuit sled dog, and raising and training these rambunctious, stubborn, intelligent and lovable dogs.

She has written in both English and French, from children's fiction to romance novels. Her non-fiction books include The Inuit Dog of the Polar North (3rd edition of The Canadian Inuit Dog: Canada’s Heritage), and with Michael, Improve Your Romance Writing Skills (now out of print). Her work has appeared in the Anthologie de la poésie Franco-Manitobaine and in several short stories anthologies in the French language.

In 2003, she received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for her artistic accomplishment.

When not writing, Genevieve can be found watching wildlife from her window, and sometimes wildlife watching her on a trail..  

My Inuit sled dogs

Fleur - Adopted

Caleb with his happy adoptive mom



Colton - Colton was donated to a wildfire victim fundraiser. 

Bruni: Is this how the headband goes on Pinki's head?

Emily - adopted

Angèle who became a fully qualified teacher to take over my school École de Danse Classique