Northern Lights and Sled Dogs

Northern Lights and Sled Dogs is a romance novel full of passion, adventures and sled dogs set in the northern reaches of the Yukon and Alaska. RT Book Reviews gave it four stars.


Northern Lights and Dogs is an endearing love story that is sure to put a smile on readers' faces. The author's impeccable descriptive detail of the Alaskan wilderness provides a powerful backdrop for a story filled with passion, adventure and personal triumph... Genevieve pens a colorful and exciting portrait of two strong-willed characters who, through their own-self discovery, find not only love but triumph over adversity. A truly entertaining read.


Kelly dreams of racing the prestigious Iditarod Trail Race in Alaska. But first, she must hone her dog sledding skills. She signs on as a dog handler for a top racer, Tyler Strob. Having to share a wilderness cabin with him poses unforeseen difficulties. Kelly glimpses another man beneath Tyler's forbidding exterior and gives him her heart.


A losing streak and unresolved personal problems leaves Tyler with a massive chip on his shoulder. Yet under the spell of the vivacious Kelly, he wins the Yukon Quest, the toughest long distance race.


There are moments of sweet companionship, such as watching the northern lights together after stacking the winter supply of wood, and their first kiss. Also tense moments after a dog escapes and a Wildlife Officer, Byron Murdoch, helps Kelly find it. Tyler is particularly tensed whenever Byron is around Kelly.


When an encounter with a moose sidelines Tyler from the Iditarod, Kelly takes his place. She's sure she can win the race, winning his love is much harder.

Norther Lights and Sled Dogs, Geneviève Montcombroux