Northern Skies is set in northern Manitoba, Canada. The heroine, Mattie Spencer, is the lead biologist heading a vital Woodland Caribou conservation project. As a Cree First Nation Woman, she has to struggle to maintain her position. When her colleagues are sidelined by an accident, she goes ahead alone to do the essential survey of the caribou.


Josh Weaver is a helicopter pilot and CEO of his own aviation company. He takes Mattie into the land of the muskeg and black spruce where the caribou live. He also directs, with the aid of a manager, the hunting and fishing lodge belonging to his father. Josh has traditional values and his views and opinions are those of the majority of people. Events bring him closer to Mattie when they flee into the wilderness to escape from unexpected danger. We see him adopt a more open minded attitude.

Mattie battles to maintain her position in what many consider a man’s world. She is conflicted by her love for science and the traditions of her First Nations culture. Josh battles his domineering father who believes the world ends with fishing and hunting. 

Mattie and Josh belong to differing cultures that often clash. Can they live with a foot in each world and still forge a lasting happiness?