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Love in the Land of the Caribou

I also write contemporary romance, usually with a dog or a dozen, or at least with wildlife. The theme of Love in the Land of the Caribou is the recovery of the Woodland caribou, a scientific project (real) headed by my First Nations heroine who has left the reservation to study. Matisoon (Mattie) has achieved her dream, which now is threatened by her love for Glenn, a white man. She shares her concerns about the environment with him and it will make him look at life with a new appreciation.

Glenn, the helicopter pilot, who had refused to let Mattie stay on her own to carry out counting the caribou, has helped her with her task. They forged a bond and when they fly in supplies to a renegade group of First Nations, they are thrown into unsuspected events.

This Book One of the series From Distant Horizons. The series focuses on the rich diversity of the Canadian prairies, from the boreal forest in the north to the grasslands in the south.

Follow the women and men who fall in love against the backdrop of a landscape in danger being eroded at the hand of mankind, and their desperate pleas to protect it.

In Love in the Land of the Caribou, Matisoon (Mattie) and Glenn take the reader to the very northern edge, to the region of muskeg, spruce and shining lakes.

Hannah and Matthew will transport the reader to the Canadian Shield, with sled dogs and shimmering snow, in Love in the Boreal Forest.

Lauren and Dylan will invite the reader to discover the mysteries of the windswept southern grasslands, in Love Where the West Wind Blows.

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