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Pilot Error - July update

In my last newsletter, I made an error, for which I apologize. I wrote Thomas Park when it should have read Thame Park. Thank you to the kind reader who pointed it out.

July has been so hot it has not been conducive to writing. Pilot Error is not going to be ready for publication this summer, especially since I had no hesitation deleting five chapters I was not satisfied with. That is a writer’s life.

My characters in the novel are also experiencing a heat wave. That’s all it was a wave lasting a few days. What we’re experiencing here on the Canadian Prairies is not not just a wave, it is a blanket, and under the blanket, plants don’t grow. No complaints. Other parts of the world are suffering worse.

Back in my novel-in-progress, village life in Chamoz, situated in the Savoie region at the foot of the French Alps, continues in a tranquil fashion. The small contingent of Italian troops who occupy the village are more interested in rock climbing, drinking good wine and singing than pursuing résistants. They even turn a blind eye to the young men from the cities who have escaped the forced labor roundups and arrive in the middle of the night to join the maquis.

The villagers are tolerant but don’t particularly like their Italian occupiers, except, of course, for the odd few... but I mustn’t give the story away. While the Italians are benevolent (they are nicknamed la gente brava – the good people), a small group in Chamoz is busy causing havoc.

This is where my characters live, work and hide. Beyond the chalet you can get a glimpse of Lac Bourget.

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