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To Love Again. Book One of the North Country series

Vanessa, a young widow, arrives in the Yukon with a dream of setting up a dogsled touring business. She never expected a confrontation with her handsome neighbor, Brett, who runs a snowmobile touring lodge. He wants her land. She won’t sell at any price. “What’s the point of a dream if you don’t act on it?”

Very soon, Brett’s scheme to acquire her land falters when he falls desperately in love with her. Blinded by his attraction, Brett is unaware that Ingrid, his step-sister and lodge manger, under pressure of blackmail from a drug dealer, acts on his behalf to try to force Vanessa out. Her ruthless actions drive a wedge between Vanessa and Brett.

Vanessa’s dream collapses before her eyes. Setback follows setback. Brett declares his love, but Vanessa, oblivious of Ingrid’s plotting, is convinced she cannot trust him.

Ingrid’s strategy backfires. She flees during a snowstorm. Brett goes after his half-sister. His rescue mission does not go as expected.

Vanessa and her dog team save Brett’s life. She is ready to love again.

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