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Why did I write All the Silences

Dear Readers,

The Hope, book three of All the Silences, is coming along and I hope it will be out in the fall.

You may have wondered how I came to write about the de Montregard family. I’ll let you in on my secret.

The war stole my childhood. I lived the German occupation of France, very much alone with the grandparents who raised me. Since I had no one to play with, and being gifted with a wild imagination, I invented myself a large family.

When I overcame the trauma that the war inflicted upon me, I wanted to write about the women in the war, in France which had a different status than the other occupied countries. My childhood’s imaginary companions came alive under my pen or, rather, my keyboard.

The initial trigger for the story was a photo depicting children who were separated from their families during the Éxode. And why Julie’s work with the Red Cross is to reunite children with their parents. Since the early days, when no one would talk about the Dark Years, I had collected books and documents about the war in France, in particular the Occupation of Paris, where I used to live. There was, for me, a deep need to know what had happened and why. I expanded my research, particularly when the archives were being opened and new material came to light.

To this day, I have a profound admiration for the men and women who refused to accept defeat and Nazi rule and became the Résistance. In recent times, some historians and writers have tried to analyze the Résistance and often diminish its role and importance, totally ignoring the heartfelt motivation of the ordinary, untrained people behind it. Maybe this will come to life in a future series.

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